Plan Your Own Trip

Ready to stop dreaming about doing a crazy motorcycle trip and actually get on the road? Whether it is for a week, a month, or beyond a year, try to get out and adventure. Most people, my past self included, considered these types of trips to be for only the lucky ones. But learning about the feasibility of a trip is the first step in joining the ranks of the “lucky ones”. While the choices and cost will vary for each person, hard work and discipline can help you save money and embrace the life you want. Don’t discredit yourself by saying its impossible for you to do. There are no definitions, only your personal drive.

The following information is based on my own personal experience. The goal is to assist you in making good decisions, but not to dictate your trip. After all, this is your trip. No matter the advice you receive, you will still make good choices and bad choices. So if you think you would personally enjoy more than I recommend, go for it. It can be a lot of fun planning and buying items for the unknown, I myself did it and had fun in the process. Ultimately, I shipped some items home, discarded a few, and gave others away. But if I hadn’t have brought them I would always have been left with the thought of “what if”.

Take my advice as it is, one mans opinion based on his experience. I am not the only one to have undergone a trip like this, therefore there is plenty of advice floating around on the Internet and forums. But don’t think it isn’t possible for you to do this, anyone can with a little bit of work.

Should you still have any questions, feel free to reach out to me here and I will get back to you soon.

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