The Power Of The Internet: A Missed Connection And The Washingtonian

First and foremost, I am very flattered for everyone that has connected to me and view my adventure. I live a silly life and I am very thankful for the opportunities that I have been given. I have worked hard to get here, but I have also become very lucky along the way. Thank you … More The Power Of The Internet: A Missed Connection And The Washingtonian

Google Fi – International Cellphone

As much as I wish to be disconnected from the world throughout this trip, I will find myself needing cellular connection capabilities throughout each country. There are a few methods to get cellphone service while abroad: Use your current provider and pay international rates and roaming charges. This is VERY expensive if used improperly and … More Google Fi – International Cellphone

Condo for Sale

I finally made it. As of 12th of February, the place that I have called home for 4 years is now for sale. I am hopeful that is sells soon, and ideally for the asking price. As soon as it is gone, I am gone. I bought my condo April 2012 and moved in with … More Condo for Sale


A big question for this trip is always “Where will you sleep?”. This is a fun question that, when answered and utilized during my travel, will lead to interesting conversations and experiences. I plan on camping when possible, but when that is not feasible or I plan on staying in an area for a little … More Couchsurfing