aboutBorn and raised in Texas, Brett Fox grew up as a shy and cautious dork for the most part. It wasn’t until he joined the U.S. Marine Corps that he found lust for adventure, travel, and thrill-seeking risks. The Marines had him live overseas for nearly 5 years in very diverse environments; from tropical islands to the desert sands. But more importantly, he learned how to adapt and overcome solitude in foreign lands. Shortly after getting out of the military in 2011, Brett began his new life addicted to motorcycles. He loves his fellow riders, working on bikes, riding hard, and finding any adventure.

Eventually this passion caused his view of professional life to have less importance, as it wasn’t the lifestyle he desired. So, in 2015, he decided to quit his Washington D.C. job and head west in order to find a different line of work and to be surrounded by the landscape that he prefer. It was then that Brett saw the opportunity to do what others have dreamed of; to hop on a motorcycle and go on a once in a lifetime adventure.

Since that ultimate decision he has traveled over 27,000 miles across 18 countries. With North and South America completed, he has set his eyes on continuing on his journey through 50+ countries from England to Asia, and possibly beyond. Living life the way he wants to, he hopes to share his newfound lifestyle with others in order to encourage more people to travel the world on a motorcycle.