El Salvador → Honduras Border Information

Border Crossing: El Amatillo, El Salvador. Highway 1 – Highway CA1

  • Day / Time: Saturday, 11:00AM
  • Total Time: 1.25hrs
  • Total Cost: ~3$ for immigration, ~2$ for photocopies
  • Items Used: Passport(+2 copy), Title(+2 copy), Drivers License(+2 copy), El Salvador Vehicle Permit(+1 copy), Vehicle Registration(+2 copy, I did not provide. See Below).


Blue building is under the trees

As you near the border you will see a small blue and white building on the right. An official will stop you and have you park to the side. There you need to provide your passport and vehicle permit(+1 copy). They will then stamp your permit, which you then need to make 4 copies of. With the copies, drive further down the road and keep left at the fork. Continue driving until you see a large Blue and White ADUANA building (total drive is a few kilometers). Park under the awning on the right and get in line. At the window you will need to provide your passport, the stamped permit, and a photo copy of the permit. With that complete you will drive towards the bridge and be stopped by an official who needs the receipt from immigration and a copy of the permit.


2Immigration: On the other side of the bridge you will be stopped by an official who will ask you a series of questions as to your purpose in Honduras and where you are staying. Once done, you are allowed to drive to the main ADUANA building and park on the right. Enter the building and process through immigration on the right side first. Passport and final destination are required. You will then be fingerprinted and required to pay 3$.

Customs: On the left side of the main building is the customs line. They need 2 copies of: passport, vehicle permit, drivers license, title, and vehicle registration (I didn’t have it, talked them out of needing it), as well as your original passport. You are then required to fill out a document before having the VIN verified. After a long wait you are provided three separate papers that need to multiple copies made (4 for white paper, 3 for colored, and 2 for passport with stamp). Return the copies to receive your permit. As you drive into Honduras you will have your passport checked and provide the guard with 1 copy of the vehicle permit.

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