Guatemala → El Salvador Border Information

Border Crossing: La Hachadura, El Salvador. Highway CA2

  • Day / Time: Thursday, 11:00AM
  • Total Time: 2hrs
  • Total Cost: ~1$ for photocopies
  • Items Used: Passport(+2 copy), Title(+2 copy), Drivers License(+1 copy), Guatemalan Vehicle Permit, Permit Sticker.


Parking Location (where the white 4×4 is) for exiting Guatemala

As you near the border you will see a large building splitting the road. Keep right, then park alongside the building. Get in line at the first booth marked Salida de Guatemala. Here they will review and stamp your passport. Afterwards you need to make a copy of this stamp at a nearby fotocopia tienda. With all required copies, enter the room on the opposite side of the building labeled Ingreso. Here they will need Passport (+1 copy), Stamp photocopy, Title(+1 copy), Drivers License copy, Guatemalan Vehicle Permit, and your permit sticker. After some paperwork, they will verify your VIN and provide you with the exit vehicle paperwork. You must make another copy of this in order to exit Guatemala. Drive across the bridge into El Salvador.

Line for exiting Guatemala
Vehicle Permit Exit Door










After the bridge, keep left at the sign marked Trafico Light. You will be stopped by a guard who will verify your paperwork. After which, you will be directed to park next to the building on the left. Once parked, enter the room labeled ADUANA and fill out the required paperwork. Return the completed paper along with Passport(+1 copy with exit stamp), Title(+1 copy front and back), and exit vehicle permit from Guatemala. VIN is then verified on the vehicle before permit is issued.

Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua share a border agreement and the stamp provided typically covers those 4 countries. I waited in immigration only to have the paperwork verified and told I can leave. You can opt to bypass this if desired, but playing it safe is always the best. I did need to go through immigration in the final two countries.

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