Belize → Guatemala Border Information

  • Border Crossing: San Ignacio, Belize → Flores, Guatemala via Western Highway
  • Day / Time: Sunday, 2:15PM
  • Total Time: 2hrs
  • Total Cost: 37.5BZ ($18.75USD) and 172Q (~$22.50)
  • Items Used: Passport, Title, Drivers License, Belize Vehicle Permit, Passport Copy, Drivers License Copy, Title Copy.


Park to the right of the Belize Exit Booth Building, cones and a worker will direct you before you make it to the crossing. Enter into the departure hall and get in line for the Border Management Agency, where you will present your passport and pay a fee based on length of stay. For under seven days I was charged 30BZ for tourism and 7.50BZ for Conservation Trust. Once you get your receipt, directly behind the booth is Immigration. Head there to get your passport exit stamp.

After immigration you need to head to customs, which is through a blue room door in between the Border Management Agency and Immigration booth. Head through both doors to the arrival hall. At the customs booth you will need to present your passport and Belize vehicle permit. Once they finalize your passport, hop on your bike and head through the border.


As you enter into Guatemala you will see two large car wash stations (fumigation). Avoid these by driving on the sidewalk to the right and parking at the building immediately to the right Building is titled PUESTO SITC MELCHOR DE MENCOS. They will spray your bike and you will need to pay 12Q (~$1.50).

Immigration and Customs: Leave your bike at fumigation and walk towards the large open hanger / building on the left. The right two lanes is immigration. They will stamp your passport and send you to the left lanes for customs. You need to present your passport, title, and the following photocopies: Passport, Title, Drivers license. If you do not have photocopies, there are two shops near the bridge that can copy it. If they are closed, you have to taxi into town (you can also do this for the ATM as well). After they verify your VIN you will sign a few documents and be directed to a booth on the right side with an armed guard.

At the booth you will pay 160Q (Motorcycle Rate) and receive a receipt. This is payment for your vehicle permit, which is good for 90 days. Insurance is not required in the country. Return to customs and provide them the receipt in order to get your permit sticker and paperwork. It is optional to apply this sticker to your windscreen, but I highly recommend to just keep the sticker with the paper. You’re all set to continue on into Guatemala.

Note on the Sticker / Vehicle Permit: Depending on the length of your permit, you need to decide how you will surrender the sticker. Once the sticker has been surrendered you cannot bring the vehicle in within the next 90 days. *This is what was explained by the local at customs. It might be only referring to the initial 90 day time frame and not a new 90 day delay. Ask if this will be a concern of yours, I wont be back for 180+ days.* If you will return within your permit period, do not surrender it when exiting the country.

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