Mexico → Belize Border Information

  • Border Crossing: Santa Elena, Mexico → Corozal, Belize via Northern Highway
  • Day / Time: Thursday, 8:00am (Belize Time)
  • Total Time: 1.25hrs
  • Total Cost: ~43USD
  • Items Used: Passport, FMM slip, Mexico Importation Paperwork, Vehicle Title, 240MEX, 29USD


Facing into Mexico, parked in front of Puerto Fronterizo Chactemal. To the left is the Immigration Booth

As you head towards the border you will come across a small white building with two rows of ‘topes’ in front of it. Here you will stop to provide your passport and FMM slip so that they can stamp your passport and out process you. Once cleared turn, and park, to the building on the left side of the road which titled Puerto Fronterizo Chactemal. Inside you find the window for the Banjercito, which you will need to present them with the importation paperwork you obtained when entering the country. Their process then requires them to take a photo of your VIN before being complete. You will sign a receipt and be informed that your refund will happen in a few days (if paid cash you will be given cash back). You are complete with Mexico and ready to drive a few minutes into Belize.


There are a few signs pointing towards immigration, but the following is the best path to take.

21. Fumigation: As you near the border, take the second exit through both roundabouts. You will essentially be heading towards the free zone. Just after the second roundabout you will hit a T intersection. On the left side is a small white house, which is fumigation. Park in front and head inside. A motorcycle cost 90MEX and you receive a receipt after they spray it. In theory this receipt must be presented to pass the border, but it wasn’t requested.

Immigration and Customs is in the building to the left

2. Immigration: After fumigation, head back towards the immigration center in which you will take the second exit of the roundabout. Do not get in line towards the booths, you need to park on the right side and enter the building on the left side of the road. The first two booths facing you will have labels above them, which you are a visitor. If there is only 1 worker, just get in that line regardless of what the booth is titled. The worker will have you fill out a tourist slip in which you need to know how many days you will be in the city and your anticipated place of residence. I simply told them the address to a random hotel in the town of Corozal (Las Palmas Hotel, 123 5th Avenue, Corozal 000000). I said 7 days, but they granted me a month. With everything in order, she will stamp your passport. Next you need to head to customs.

3. Customs: Customs is located directly behind the Immigration booth. Here you need to tell them that you have a vehicle to declare. Provide them your passport and vehicle title. They will ask you once again how long you will stay and where. This is used to determine which type of permit to give you, in which you need to clarify that you are traveling throughout all of Belize. If not you might only be permitted to travel in one district. They will have you read and sign that you understand your permit and driving responsibilities. Afterward they will verify the VIN before handing you your paperwork and reminding you to properly out-process when exiting the country.

4. Green Shirt Guys and the Border: If you hadn’t been approached yet, as you get ready to cross the border a guy in a green shirt will inform you that you have to pay a fee before crossing. My bike cost 150MEX (they didn’t have change). While most of the internet will claim this a scam, even as I assumed, it is a collection done by Border Management Agency. The only way to avoid the fee is crossing the border earlier as they didn’t show up until 8:30am Belize Time. With that mess done, crossing the border they only checked my passport and no receipts (Green shirt of fumigation). I was asked to open two of my three side cases, which they barely even looked at.

45. Insurance: After you pass the border you will see a large white building in front of you titled Insurance Corporation of Belize. Park here and provide them your title to get the required insurance. The liability coverage for 7 days was roughly $29USD.

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