It’s Different This Time

Leaving DC was an adventure. Exploring Utah and Colorado for my gear check was an adventure. But this, my first night into my actual South America adventure, is completely different.

– – Just jumped out of my skin as, what can best be described as a deer having an asthma attack, came bolting through my campsite. Why. What. I don’t know if he was challenging me or just equally startled. What a punk. – –

My last night home was easy. Family get-together, jokes, and old stories. Later a few of us headed back to mom’s house and laughed until it was bedtime. I slept easily without a thought of what the next day would bring. I was distracting myself with the understanding that in the morning Matt and I would be riding out to Austin and San Antonio together. Which this distraction continued in the morning as I told my mom, brother, and dog goodbye. It was easy to just say “Bye, I am off on my adventure and will be back in a year”. Saying it now would be a bit harder.

I am glad I got to share a portion of my trip with my older brother Matt, who is a big reason why I am going through with this trip. We had some fun moments on the way down when my bike started to spew oil all over my rear tire and his helmet because I had added just a bit too much oil. Unfortunately this caused my rear brakes to not work at all. Another distraction created as I need to take care of that after saying goodbye to the last of the family around San Antonio. In Fredericksburg we met up with the rest of Matt’s family, hot and tired. After about thirty minutes I turned down an opportunity to go with Matt, Meagan, and the boys for her family get together tonight. Admittedly I wish I had gone rather than spend another night alone, but I had to leave at one point and I felt like this would only prolong it all. It was, once again, easy to say goodbye with three key distractions ahead: Brake, Food, Campsite. It wasn’t until I accomplished my final distraction that the gravity of what I am undertaking set in.

This trip now reminds me of a feeling I got 10 years ago when I had my first night alone heading towards boot camp; I’m leaving my family, my home, my easy life, my bed, my entire way of life. I was terrified back then due to the fear of the unknown. This time I am ready for it, even if the desires of just being complacent back home are still there. This next year is going to be everything I am wanting it to be. We will see what happens.

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