The Power Of The Internet: A Missed Connection And The Washingtonian

First and foremost, I am very flattered for everyone that has connected to me and view my adventure. I live a silly life and I am very thankful for the opportunities that I have been given. I have worked hard to get here, but I have also become very lucky along the way. Thank you for my quick moment of Internet viewing. Be safe, wherever you are.

The last few days have been hectic and amazing. Tuesday was my day to start my adventure, and within 24hrs I had already captured quite a lot of fun. I signed my documents that morning and had the bike ready to go. It was then that I really understood what I was leaving behind. My friends, my neighborhood, and my home. Over the weekend I had the chance to say goodbye to many friends, but also failed to say goodbye to others. It is a hard thing to do time wise, and personally I have never been one for a big spectacle. However, it wasn’t until I sat on the bike that I realized that goodbye was a strong notion. I wont see a lot of those sights and faces again I fear.

Beyond the moments of reminiscence, I must say that being on the road has been wonderful. I was asked a few times when I will be where, and the best response is that I do not know. I no longer have a timeline or a commitment to anything. I can go where I want and as far as I want. So far my travels have taken me 500 miles through backroads of VA and NC in a matter of three days. I could have gone further, but the pup and I have been taking our time. The first night was at Misty Mountain Camp Resort, a place where I have stayed before. I then set sights on Fairy Stone State Park, because it sounded fun. It was a beautiful area with the lake coming right to the edge of rolling hills. As for my current, third, night, I am in a hard cabin east of Asheville NC bracing for a large storm that should hit during the night. It is something I certainly could brave, but my poor dog wouldn’t like it too much. That, and she really does need some rest. While she can sleep some during the trip, its quite the shock to her body going from DC life to road life. Rest well pup, tomorrow we tackle Tail of the Dragon and then head into Knoxville.

A Missed Connection

Something I never expected to be, a person of interest on a missed connection that went semi-viral. Only being an hour or so outside of DC, I found myself at a random gas station going through the same routine of talking to people about my dog and the motorcycle. As I was talking with a lady, my photo was taken by someone nearby and sent into the abysmal Internet. This is very common, but this time it was quite different. The following morning I woke up to a few notifications on my phone, one of which was a photo from my friend Atti. It was a photo of Kiti and I, with a very humbling missed connection post from Kate Samuels.


Her message quickly spread throughout the internet and managed to find me. Currently it has been shared 488 times, but I think it made its way to me by number 230. I had a great laugh reading it and all of the comments within. Of course I had to respond to her, which was a simple “the proposal will have to wait” line. I want my adventure dang it! We have talked a little bit and she is a great sport at how the whole thing went a little crazy for a bit. Would have been great to talk with her at the gas station, but this led to a much better story and a new friend rather than acquaintance. Don’t worry world, I am sure we will cross paths again and have a chance to say hi! I am pretty sure every horse I see on my adventure will remind me of her, and her nutty horse friends.

The Washingtonian Magazine

It is crazy how things work, such as networking through a friend of a friend. Well just that happened the night before I left DC, when Amanda reached out to me with a possible request for a blurb in the Washingtonian. I only had a few moments available on Tuesday before I left, but we managed to squeeze in a phone call. I spoke so fast, I can’t imagine what she had to do to keep pace. I had so many things on my mind and didn’t really know what to expect out of our phone call.

The next day she emailed me for a high resolution photo which was then added to a published piece. Quickly friends began to push the article to my facebook page. I hadn’t read it before then, but when I finally found a signal I was able to see what Amanda wrote. She did an excellent job and was quite the journalist. Sure there are a few things that I would have changed if I was a proofread, but regardless it gets across a message that I always want to spread. The cliché “seize your dreams” message. If you want to read it, click here.

The Power of the Internet

With the missed connection and magazine blurb happening simultaneously, I quickly gathered a few followers and a good 5,000 view on my blog website. All of it is really flattering, but I would rather it all happen later. You know, when I have actually done something. I hate trying to be something I am not. And as of right now, I am only 2% of what I want to be. Which is why I don’t look for sponsors. I am doing this for me, and once I build myself then I can be something. Either way, I certainly have enjoyed the 15 minutes of fame. It has led to a few people putting a face to the random sidecar + dog DC rider and hopefully convinced a few people to try for what they want. We will see where this all goes in a year from now.

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