Argentina Visa Requirments

*As of March 24, 2016 the reciprocity fee has been removed. I lost out on $160, hurray. Details here.*

When traveling to Argentina, regardless of port of entry, a VISA is required. This is not a traditional visa process, such as submitting your passport and information through a local consulate/embassy, rather a simple online reciprocity form. The current cost is $160.00USD. If you do not go through the website below (the official Argentinian website) then other companies will require a “service” fee for $30+. Do not waste your money, its easy following below.

  1. Register at and obtain an entry code.
  2. Complete the form including personal and credit card details . This information and the entry code will be sent electronically to the DNM.
  3. After payment is processed, print the receipt.
  4. Upon arrival in Argentina, go to the DNM Office and present the printed receipt.
  5. The receipt will be scanned by DNM staff and the data will be validated to enable entry to Argentina.

Once done, you will go to a ‘MY FORMS’ link where you can print out your documentation. Print it and have it on hand for anytime you cross the border and throughout the country.

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