Making New Friends, And I Haven’t Even Left Yet

It is amazing the unique interactions and conversations I have had in the past few months building up to this trip. I have not even left and yet I feel like the adventure is already underway. Opening my house to couch surfers has brought in new friends that are exploring the world in their own way. With each visitor, generally we can all relate to a similar mindset in life and the world. I find myself envious of others and their travels and future destinations. The utmost desire to be alongside them, all of them at once, and discovering the world is a strange feeling. I understand that I have my own plans ahead of me, but I want to experience every possible adventure, which really is only possible vicariously I fear.

Connecting with these travelers has provided experienced insight of their home country and other locations they have been. The interactions have varied, most involve discussing travels, laughing together, and looking at maps, but at times it can become even more involved. Just the other week I went out with a friend I made from Uruguay and met her group of friends. She has told me a lot about Uruguay (cows outnumber people there!) and offered a place for safe storage of my bike and gear should I fly to Australia in October. Most of her friends were either from South America or had lived there for a portion. It was great meeting them as they had plenty words of encouragement and offered hospitality in any way they can.  Later that night we headed out to a local club to dance the night away to salsa music. This experience is fantastic foretelling of the fun I will have during my trip.

As the days near it is these experiences that help me to keep going and to be distracted from the stress I am currently under. I keep a strong composure, but selling everything and cutting off from any income is scary. Everything will be worth it in the end and the sooner I get my trip underway the better. I have not even left and yet I am already thankful for making this choice. Now if only I know how to salsa dance.

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