Condo for Sale

3I finally made it. As of 12th of February, the place that I have called home for 4 years is now for sale. I am hopeful that is sells soon, and ideally for the asking price. As soon as it is gone, I am gone.

I bought my condo April 2012 and moved in with my then girlfriend. The unit was beautifully laid out with nice hardwood floor, stainless appliances, and plenty of room for two individuals to share. The 765 square ft wasn’t too big or too small, but quite absurd for the price (however normal for a city like DC). Located in Capitol Hill of SE DC, we were in a great spot ready to access the city with safety and ease. The neighborhood was a few years into “up and coming” and for the most part I felt safe there. It was a family oriented place with a lot of young couples pushing strollers. About a mile up was H st with a little bit of night life, a half mile west was 8th & I as well as Eastern Market, and then a few blocks east was RFK Stadium. A comfortable life could be established there.

It was a strange time for me as I wasn’t sure what I was doing and some might argue that I was just going with the flow. Home ownership was a new venture for me and something that I did want. More so, I wanted it with my ex. Things were great and I was happy. She helped make it a wonderful home and we got into a good groove. Unfortunately over time I would become self-destructive in the relationship and ultimately be left alone with the 2 bed/2 bath condo. It was a hard time as I struggled to pay for it and to get to know why I made the choices I had made. I grew up a lot in the condo over the years, which I would like to think has made me a better, sound, and individual person. Since then I have a decent understanding as to what I did wrong in the relationship and it still pains me to know the heartache I caused her and myself. If ever there was a moment that I wanted to disappear from the world, that was it.

Through the heartache I began my new life in my condo alone. It wasn’t the bachelor life 2where I just ran around from girl to girl with my misplaced “new found freedom”, but rather a chance for me to focus on me. Up until this point I had always had structure and guidance in my life. I went from High School to the Military and then afterwards I quickly began to date her. She helped me tremendously in life and in my transition back to the real world. But now I was alone, fending for myself. My condo became everything as I embraced my life and the things I wanted out of it. My passion for motorcycles grew, and not having anyone around to say no or to cause discomfort to, my condo quickly turned into a motorcycle shop. I could work on my bike(s) on the patio, have parts throughout the kitchen, and the strong smell of chemicals from cleaning and painting. It was a happy environment for me and having my two-wheeled passion in my living room to see each day was wonderful. I grew up a lot, finished my schooling, and cultivated a strong understanding and passion for motorcycles in my home.

1The thought to sell my home had always been daunting. Not that I would be sad to see my home go, but the fact that I would need to do a lot of work to get it cleaned up and ready.  After speaking with my Realtor I had my path set. Over the next few weeks I worked countless hours painting (7-8 gallons), selling final items, repairing the walls and floor, and cleaning the place up to look new. It was exhausting physically and mentally, but I finally made it through. During this time I was also hosting wonderful people through couchsurfing, who were very adjustable to my ugly situation. With the condo finished, the realtor had it staged and ready for open house. While I will admit that the place looks really nice, to me it all feels alien and no-longer my home. I miss my gray walls and the presence of motorcycles.

The condo went for sale on 12-Feb-16 and on 15-Feb-16 I had already signed an offer and went under contract. The potential new owner is using a VA loan, which means the VA needs to appraise the home to ensure it is a safe purchase. If they match the offer, then we are scheduled to finish selling the condo on March 31. I would be more energetic and excited about this, but all I see now is a deadline to finish everything before the 31. I really only have my vehicles left, but they will take up a lot of my time and cause me to miss out on enjoying my home for the last month(s) that I own it. I had a lot of history there, a lot of memories. I will miss them all.

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