A big question for this trip is always “Where will you sleep?”. This is a fun question that, when answered and utilized during my travel, will lead to interesting conversations and experiences. I plan on camping when possible, but when that is not feasible or I plan on staying in an area for a little bit then I plan on staying in a hostel or someone’s couch through Couchsurfing. This website is amazing as it is a community of travelers that offer to host a surfer to stay in their house for free.

Being me, a security conscious person, I am of course very skeptical of staying with some strangers for my own safety. However, at the same time this trip is for me to let go of that skepticism and embrace the world and its people, both the good and bad. It also gives me a more cultured approach to each country as some hosts will take you under their wing or at least direct you to some of the best places to see. I really do look forward to meeting these host and potential friends.

For the time being, I am trying to give to the Couchsurfing community as much as I can before I depart and surf myself. I live in Washington, DC and there are plenty of travelers looking for a place to stay while exploring the Capitol. The needs are not as demanding of an AirBNB environment, since it is all free. I have a few people lined up for the next month, which I am sure will be the first taste of my new life and encounters. This is something I have wanted to do since 2014, when I first signed up, but didn’t for fear of my clearance and job related matters. It silly to live a life controlled by a clearance. While I understand the need for it, you truly cannot be free with it. I plan to discuss clearance experiences later.

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